Choosing between www and non-www URLs

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In our experience, Google and other search engines do not care if you use www or not. For the older generations, www symbolizes a website. For the new generations, this is no longer the case. They will type the domain name without the www and expect the browser to resolve correctly.

A URL with www is not the same as one without. In more common English, the two are different pages on a website. A properly configured web server sends the traffic to one or the other, with www or non-www. If such a configuration is not done, Google may penalize you for an incorrect setup.

Again, you may think they are the same, but Google treats them separately. The Google Search Console requires individual properties for the domain, one with the www and one without.

set up two properties in GSC, one with and one without www


In practice you should set up both properties in Google Search Console, as this allows you to verify that search traffic is not sent to the wrong version of your website. This means that if a viewer types into a web browser, but the actual page is, that the web server has to perform an internal redirect. This takes time, even if the time is miniscule. In our opinion , every redirect is one too many.

Our Recommendation

As the way people use the web has changed, we generally recommend to create websites without the www.

Stay Consistent

More important is that once you have made a choice, you stick with that choice. When people link to your website, they will include the www, or the non-www URL in their backlink. If you change your site a year later, all backlinks point to the old website, and you have lost all that SEO goodness from these now outdated links. You will now have to embark on a journey of getting these backlinks changed. See our article choosing a domain name to read about our adventures of making such changes.


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These are the simple mistakes we try to prevent. Fixing them takes unnecessary time and money. We prefer to help our clients in more constructive ways than fixing backlinks.