DOJ seeking the unlocking of additional iPhones

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The Wall Street Journal has reported yesterday, that the current court order forcing Apple to provide a new iOS version which breaks down the first layers security of an iphone, on the basis of the All Writs Act, is not the only one - as stated by the U. S. Department of Justice in their request to the court.

According to information provided to the Wall Street Journal, approximately twelve (12) other cases are pending which intend to force Apple to provide assistance in breaking into their products, thereby allowing various law enforcement agencies to brute force these iPhones. Of additional significance is that none of these 12 cases are related to acts of terrorism.

The iPhone case related to the San Bernardino terrorism attack was probably wisely selected by the U. S. Department of Justice as one which would have a lot of positive sentiment among U.S. citizens, after the terrorist attack left 14 dead. The case would set a precedent for forcing companies like Apple to provide their unlimited assistance under the All Writs Act - which in our opinion is the conscription of a company and its management.

We concur with Apple's CEO Tim Cook, who stated this will set a dangerous precedent for privacy around the world!