Rebranding of KEMT.COM

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Domain names matter

We are excited to have not only facilitated the sale of the domain, but to be involved in the rebranding and the design of a state of the art website based on the Drupal 8 Content Management System.

The client was happy to acquire a legible, easy to read, recognizable and phonetically coherent 4-letter dot com domain name. The domain has a very good domain history, having been registered more than 15 years ago.

The Brand

KEMT was a Dutch brand of hair care products. It was later redeveloped into a line of men's care products men's care products by GYLLENTORGET MARKETING. In the future, the brand KEMT will be found in the area of adult entertainment (escort).


We look forward to providing our brand management expertise, as well as our web development skills in this unusual journey.