Web Design

We create the right website for your business project

We like getting involved in the startup phase of a business. We have a pragmatic approach to building a website, as new businesses do not know all details about the structure and the design of a website. We believe it is better to get a website online very early, as search engines like Google or Bing take time to index a site.


A Corporate Restructuring is difficult and unpleasant

Our team at SOLUTIONS! NETWORK analyzes your project and proposes an appropriate restructuring plan. Giving advice is easy, though. Executing same advice is a completely different matter.



Privacy is a fundamental right of every human being

Current governments continuously attempt to erode this most simple and basic right, arguing that it is necessary for society to relinquish their privacy rights in order to protect same society from terrorism.

Interim Management

The world is constantly changing around us. Is your organization adapting accordingly?

The SOLUTIONS! NETWORK team has experience bringing about the necessary change. Our team is available for projects, short term contracts or interim positions to allow you to identify and hire the appropriate staff.

Information Technology

SOLUTIONS! NETWORK supports your business with competent IT

Business Logic

Integrating your business logic with the appropriate information technology is a key aspect of our consulting.Too often IT infrastructure dictates a work flow, which is different than what is optimum in daily business practice. IT should be a strategy in business - not the objective.

Business Strategy

Do you have objectves for your organization, but don't know how to achieve them?

The SOLUTIONS! NETWORK  team will analyze your project, review your objective and propose one or more strategies.  We not only guide you, we can also implement the strategy on your behalf.

Our team is specialized in Small to Medium sized Business (SMB or SME) and Startup Companies.

Brand Strategy

Branding is more important than ever

The right strategy is key to protecting your interests around the globe. The SOLUTIONS! NETWORK team has experience in all aspects of brand strategy:

  • Finding the right product name
  • Developing a corporate identity
  • Choosing and registering domain names
  • Registering trademarks
  • Web strategy
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Litigating Intellectual Property (IP) disputes