Information Technology


SOLUTIONS! NETWORK supports your business with competent IT

Business Logic

Integrating your business logic with the appropriate information technology is a key aspect of our consulting.Too often IT infrastructure dictates a work flow, which is different than what is optimum in daily business practice. IT should be a strategy in business - not the objective.

ERP Systems

Many businesses could not survive without Enterprise Resource Planing software. We have experience with INFOR LN (former Baan IV), SAP and Topix:8 ERP software.

CRM Systems

We implement Customer Relationship Management software for our clients. We favor the Daylite CRM package on Apple OSX, as it is user friendly, cost effective and even available on iPad and iPhone.

Network Design

Your enterprise performance is dependent on the network backbone. Efficiency is key, but security of your confidential data is essential. We implement proven network design with firewalls and intrusion detection.


The implementation of firewalls is a key aspect of our Network Design activities. Needless to say, there are numerous firewall hardware suppliers. If your Intellectual Property and business information are  confidential, a firewall without an NSA-mandated backdoor is a good investment.

Web Development

An appropriate web site is a key element of any marketing strategy for your business. We therefore started in 2012 to support our clients directly with in-house web solutions. Time to market is drastically reduced, when business and brand strategy are handled by the same team which implements your web identity.

Our solutions are based on the mature Drupal 7 CMS system. This open source CMS powers some of the largest web sites on the internet. More than 30,000 modules are available to supplement the core functionality, so in many cases we don't have to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Drupal 8 is the latest release of the Drupal CMS. The software is curently in early beta testing. As a result many required modules are not available yet. We nonetheless have started building web sites based on Drupal 8 for customers who want to be on this new foundation with mobile-first, multi-language sites.


We currently develop eCommerce applications based on Drupal 7 and the Commerce module. We will add Drupal 8 and the respective version of the Commerce module, once they are available and we have completed sufficient testing.