Web Design


We create the right website for your business project

We like getting involved in the startup phase of a business. We have a pragmatic approach to building a website, as new businesses do not know all details about the structure and the design of a website. We believe it is better to get a website online very early, as search engines like Google or Bing take time to index a site. Being online early also gives a client or us the possibility of building backlinks, which are crucial for ranking your business in the sarch results. Typically speaking, the longer a site has been online, the more seniority it will have and therefore rank higher, all else being equal.


After many years of trying different web technologies on various projects, we have settled on the Drupal CMS. We like that this solution is open source, with more than 100,000 code contributors around the world. Just as important, Drupal is the most powerful Content Management System on the market.

We even do small website projects with this CMS, as our experience has shown that projects rarely remain static. The websites, and the technical requirements, typically grow with a business and the developments in the respective markets. Building a platform with the ability to add eCommerce at a later stage is the ideal strategy.