Interesting Projects


Projects we find noteworthy

Our team has collected some projects which we think are interesting and noteworthy - for their social implications or their use of technology. We are associated with some projects, have consulted on some and actively worked on others. The projects are in no particular order.

If you have any questions about these projects, please contact us.

Swiss Startups

Swiss Startups assists entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to the Swiss market. A range of entities like banks, accountants, lawyers, notaries and consultants assist beginning entrepreneurs and startup companies with ideas and advice. Many of these entities provide discounts on their services.

Our love for startup companies fits in well

Gyllentorget South Africa

The Gyllentorget Group in the Turks and Caicos Islands has been one of our long standing clients. We are excited, that their South African subsidiary has become a client, too. We are developing a Drupal 8 based e-Commerce platform for this company.


Solutions Network developed the Drupal 7 based website for THE PLATINUM. We also developed a new corporate Identity for this luxury accommodation.

We are now preparing the transition of the website to Drupal 8.


This travel guide for surfers is an interesting example of crowd sourcing and data mining in a field where one would not generally expect it. 


The Best Girlfriend Experience was our first consulting project in the field of online dating. The satisfied client has brought us several more projects...


We expect that social escorts will become a hot future trend, as today's independent women desire companionship too. Society's norms are quickly changing. We were pleased to have negotiated the purchase of the domain name and to be involved in the design and execution of the platform on the Drupal CMS.

Where 2 Go

Deciding where to go for dinner, bars or clubbing remains a big question, even if you are local in a city. Where 2 Go is a new platform for Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, which allows people to get crowd sourced real time information at any time of the day.